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HANDYBONK is a one-of-a-kind floating fish bonker designed to fit in the handle of your net.

Hand built, built to last!


All products are made in the US from high-quality materials hand-crafted to handle the toughest conditions. We stand 100% behind our products.

Do you already own your favorite net? Install our bonker into your net with one simple hole.

The HANDYBONK is compatible with most nets on the market.

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Patent 11191257

Installation and compatibility

If you already own a compatible net...

How to Install the HandyBonk into your net with one simple hole.

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Born and raised in Alaska, I’ve always been passionate about fishing and exploring the outdoors. In 1998, I left home to join the U.S. Air Force which I actively served in for five years. Upon my return in 2003, I continued my commitment to the USAF working as a civilian. 

Every summer, we spend our time filling our freezers with salmon and wild game meat for those long winter months. Lifelong memories through harvesting our own food is how we share the unique Alaskan culture with our kids. We hope they’ll preserve it for future generations.

Keep the lines tight and good luck on your new adventures!

-Roger Gibson, summer of 1996

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